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Shelly Lowell


Your typical central Minnesota girl, born and raised in St. Joseph MN, exposed to the great outdoors my whole life.  I live to be outside, whether its fishing, hunting, snowmobiling or four wheeling, I love it all.
As a child I was exposed to my grandpa’s deer hanging in the garage but I never gave hunting much thought at that time, in my eyes it was a men’s sport, until I shot a bow.  I was hooked.  I quickly learned how my steady hands would benefit me during practice shots with my bow; unfortunately in the stand those hands aren’t so steady.  My love for bow hunting of course brought me to trying rifle hunting, my first year, first morning I got an 8 point buck at 11 yards, clearly I must have thought I still had a bow in my hand.  While I had mixed emotions with my first buck, I knew that this was not something I’d ever give up, the amount of peace you find while sitting in the woods can’t be explained.
Some girls collect shoes, I collect camo.

Jerry Carlson


Jerry Carlson started his outdoor writing career in 1987 when he began writing for a local outdoor paper. He currently writes about 130 articles per year for various papers in the Midwest.


In addition to writing, he had his own television show for five years in the mid nineties. For the past 17 years he has done a radio show called "In the Outdoors." This show is featured on two St. Cloud radio stations: WWJO FM (100,000 watts) and WJON AM (1000 watts).


Jerry also does numerous fishing and hunting seminars throughout the course of the year. In 1998 he authored a book called Details for Locating and Catching Fish. He has produced three educational CD ROMs on fishing and organizes a kid's fishing clinic each summer with 40 kids and 50 volunteers participating.

Sandy Apfel


I have been involved in the outdoor industry for just a few years. I have been fortunate to meet some great people and make some true friends. I was brought up camping and fishing and was always around hunting but didn’t start hunting myself until a few years ago. I always loved helping set up spots and going out and being part of the tracking team. My husband would joke “let the hound out”!


I truly want people to learn that it’s never too late to get involved in the outdoors. It is a learning experience for everyone, even those who have been doing it forever, so don’t let that stop you from trying something new. Everyone can learn something new and so many people who love the outdoors also love inviting new people and teaching them, so give it a try!


I am a mom and of course family comes first. My daughter loves to fish. My favorite quote from her from when she was young was “one more drift grandpa, one more drift!” I also have a young son and he continues to ask “when will I be tall enough to hunt!” I love teaching my kids things and getting them out there! I also have a new pup that we are training for upland bird hunting. I am learning as she is! Dogs are amazing!

I have to thank my dad for taking the time to get me involved in the outdoors as a child. My husband has been great at taking over and teaching me more. My favorite part is being able to help my dad get out there and still do it even as he ages. He’s made me who I am today and I love that I can help keep him doing what he loves!

Spencer Deutz




Who am I?

  • Age 26
  • Hometown Moorhead, MN
  • Years Fishing Pro Events: 5
  • Favorite Lake: Devils Lake
  • Favorite Technique: Trolling Crankbaits or Slip Bobber fishing in the timber
  • Hobbies: Fishing, waterfowl hunting and racquetball.


Spencer Deutz, from Moorhead, MN, has been involved in competitive sports since he was three years old. He turned his efforts to competitive walleye angling when he was 15 and started fishing professional events at the age of 20.

Spencer has fished in FLW and MWC events as a professional. Over the past three seasons, he has been competing in the Masters Walleye Circuit finishing in the top 10 three times and qualifying for the National Team Championship in 2012 and World Walleye Championship in 2012 and 2014.

This past year, Spencer became the lead for the National Professional Anglers Association’s Future Angler Foundation kid’s clinics at select MWC events. He also has become the Youth Director for FM Walleye’s Unlimited, INC., and strives to get kids involved in fishing for the continued growth of the sport.

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