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Bear Hunting
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By Barrelsup
Who has all applied for this falls bear season and in what zones? What are you using for bait? Any good deals out there?

By chad
May 25, 2011 at 07:33pm
Happy to say I have been drawn for bear hunting this year in Minnesota. Can't wait to start baiting and watch those logs get tossed off the bait. Bear hunting is one of my favorite hunts. I enjoy the baiting part as much as I do the hunt. It's a pretty big rush to see that bear come rolling up your bait area. They are an amazing animal.
By huntress6974
October 28, 2013 at 09:33pm
We use many different foods for our baits. I have a bread store here that sells racks of out dated bakery goods, we get approximately 600 to 800 lbs per rack. We also collect chicken fryer grease from local delis and grocery stores. Our latest is the bi-product off bee hives for honey. I find an old stump hole or depression in the ground on a high ridge and fill it with my bread, stomp it down, pour some grease on it, cover it with logs and anything heavy to protect the bait from Ravens etc. I then add more grease to the logs. I dig a hole in the ground to build a grease fire in so the smell of grease goes down the ridges and covers the mountain in scent to lure them to the baits. I add the honey bi product to this as well. I will burn a good grease fire for at least an hour to ensure that there is plenty of scent protruding down the ridges. I love bear baiting. I bait mostly by myself in the spring cold months here in Idaho. I love being in the woods and I feel at peace when I'm out. Doing this by myself has empowered me and made me self sufficient. Being a woman doing this, most think I'm crazy :-) Where we bait it takes me about 5 hours or more once I've drove an hour to bait all three of my baits. I keep my baits full and cameras going by checking them every other day. I also try to feed at the same times so they get trained to eat at the same time of the day. Bears are very interesting animals. There is a lot that goes into baiting and is not as easy as you would think. I love bear hunting, I'm looking forward to next year as I'm hoping to bait in the fall as well. Best of luck to everyone. Jo Camden
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