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Bassin with Barrels Up
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By Barrelsup

Ask Barrels Up and others any questions you have about Bass fishing.

By gary.teamwildfish
May 17, 2011 at 01:57pm
Is everyone geared up for bassin? I will be on Leech Lake this year fishing the Team Excel Bass Tournament. It will take 30+ pounds to win this early season event. I expect this year to be excellent. If you are fishing in the northern part of the state you will find that many of your fish will be in pre-spawn mode and if you are fishing closer to St. Cloud you should have an opportunity to find them in the spawn or post-spawn. Get out and have fun!
By Gary R
June 1, 2011 at 09:13am
Greetings, well bass fishing is in full swing. I just spent the weekend up on Leech Lake. The fishing was great! We finished 15th place with 26 pounds and the winners brought in a 32 pound bag. There were a lot of 26 - 28 pound bags of fish brought to the weigh-in scales and we were one fish out of serious contention. WE had a good pattern going fishing reeds and docks in 3-6 feet of water. The two baits that shined were the x-factor jig from Gander Mountain and a Lake Fork Craw Tube. The jig was a green and blue with the same color trailer and the craw tube color was killer Craw. The bass are still relatively shallow, keep you bait in that 3-6 foot range near cover. Good Luck and get out while the fishing is hot! Gary
By Gary R
June 16, 2011 at 10:54pm
Well the spawn is wrapping up and fish are moving into some traditional summer time locations. Look for fish on docks, deep weed lines and in the slop (where it is forming). Last weekend fishing up on Gull lake we caught a lot of bass on docks, a few where coming off deep weeds, and everyone we talked to said they where fishing frogs as well, with good success. I was using a new frog from koppers live target - it is amazing. If you don't have one you need to get one soon, some of the sporting goods store are selling out! They also cast a country mile, this helps you get back where the big ones hide. Fish Hard - Gary
By Gary R
July 4, 2011 at 10:14am
Summers is moving on and things are really picking up. Yesterday I was on a local St. Cloud lake and was jerk baiting for smallmouth bass. The day started of slow working a big flat adjacent to deep water. After the minutes pass with no fish, I tried several techniques with no success, then we moved up on some dock and the result was the same. No Fish! As the afternoon pressed on I was watching the water move across the lake and noticed a place where the wind was creating current between a couple of islands. We went back to using our jerk baits and we started getting bit. At one point I had three fish in 5 casts. The most successful bait that we were using was a Lucky Craft Pointer 100 in a Chartreuse Shad color with 15 lb. fluorocarbon. This bait has been effective on largemouths as well. Fish Hard - Gary
By Gary R
August 15, 2011 at 10:32pm
Summer has been cruising along. One of the most consistent patterns of the year has been skipping docks. Today on a local St. Cloud lake I caught several bass off docks, most over 3+ pounds! The key however, is your gear, you need to go heavy! Because, dock are the key location, but more importantly the boat lifts. Those areas can be a mess of polls, wooden planks, and abrasive metal. I use 20 pound fluorocarbon line with a heavy or med/heavy rod. I needed to really pull the fish out from under the tangled man-made cover. Bass will rap you up in a hurry, you need the equipment to get them out. Also consider getting a skip-gap hook and use 3/8 oz pegged tungsten bullet weights. I find this combination deadly on shady summer bass. Fish Hard - Gary
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